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Game 2—Lemon Meringue Yellow Guitar

Honorificabilitudinitatibus Nonsense Word Puzzle

Lemon Meringue Rockaberry Roll Yellow Guitar Doll

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Solve the clue to this nonsense puzzle by cracking a simple code in order to uncover the word honorificabilitudinitatibus in the text below. To locate the word, use the first letter in consecutive words (one after another). Players should feel free to write the words on paper when unable to keep the info straight in their minds. Reading along will unfold why.

Finding the correct words to solve this puzzle about honorificabilitudinitatibus may be easier than solving other similar puzzles in these games but the word may be a little more difficult to pronounce. Therefore, players wanting to know how to pronounce the word can hear it here. Other than that, hopeful online novice or reputable intense fighters steadfast on winning prizes must solve this weird puzzle to move on to the next level in this game.

Holding on narrowly over royal incumbents fairly increases capable accountants billing fees when charging for services rendered. This is often hard on a lay person’s pocketbook and makes fighting the establishment near impossible for most people. With that said, however, owing notes over raising infinite numbers of people’s lives is enough for the dedicated to take the dive into public service regardless of the consequences.

Some players working diligently to solve these clues in order to move forward in this game may unconsciously twist their hair or scratch their beards while trying to concentrate. Other players may participate in groups as they huddle over nesting oracles requesting intently for intellectuals capable at breaking interpretable language illuminate thinkers under dire influence naming insane twisty achy tests involving bold underlined slang from escaping their ability to solve any manner of riddle writing.

When it all comes down to it, word hackers openly need or require instant factual gratification as a means of solidifying solid beliefs they have about their incomparable abilities to outdo the competition. This is all well and dandy for those with more stringent strengths often inspire others to raise their abilities to higher standards thus reducing the pool of half-steppers. It is no secret that the more people inspired to improve their abilities in any society raises the level of competence and therefore accomplishments in that society.

As stated in the previous game, it also makes sense to read all the clues if playing any of the games on this site that lead to prizes in internet scavenger style. The primary difference in gathering may be that online game scavenging at this site primarily involves reaching and solving clues to win the prizes. Actually collecting physical objects, potentially beneath blazing suns, freezing rain, or blistering winds need not occur.

Once you find honorificabilitudinitatibus, use the 8th word in the info to help solve the next clue. As previously stated, those unable to figure out the puzzle could always resort to guessing but where is the "true" sense of accomplishment in that!?


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