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Game 2—Second Item Up For Search

       Lemon Meringue Doll

Lemon Meringue Rockaberry Roll Yellow Guitar Doll

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This search is for a Lemon Meringue doll that goes in the Strawberry Shortcake Rockaberry Roll collection; the same group as the doll from Game 1. The lucky player who won the Strawberry Shortcake doll with the light pink guitar as well as anyone choosing to purchase one of those dolls would do well to grab Lemon Meringue as well...

Lemon Meringue dolls are put out by Playmates. They are scented sweet smelling dolls that come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are pals with many other dolls in the Strawberry Shortcake A World of Friends collection.

Since this doll is from the Rockaberry Roll series, she comes with a rocker outfit that includes yellow shoes, rocker shirt, and a brush-shaped guitar.

Begin searching to win this Lemon Meringue doll by cracking the coded paragraph to spell the word honorificabilitudinitatibus on the following page.

Cracking the code requires figuring out which paragraph contains the word based on the first letters that begin words in the correct paragraph. Once the correct paragraph is discovered, use the given information to click to the next hint.

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