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Tamagotchi Connection digital pet handheld virtual games became popular soon after Bandai introduced them to the market back in 1996. Around the time Tamagotchi's were put on sale, a few other handheld digital games were trying to make their marks as well. These included the Digimon pets that actually came out ahead of Tamagotchi's, Digipets, and Giga Pets. These virtual games lacked the staying power Tamagotchis possesed and thus failed to survive.

Kids who collect Tamagotchis often zoom in on certain characteristics about these cyberspace pets. For example, since the cases come in a variety of colors and designs, some children might like flowered cases, while others prefer camouflage, and still other kids take joy in solid colors. Another thing about Tamagotchi's is that when beginning the games, there is a mystery as to which pet will hatch from the onscreen egg. Not only that, but the games have the ability to produce more than one character. This means that if your pet dies, you may get a different pet next time you coax an egg to hatch.

Parents and other adults who watch children play with Tamagotchis might wonder what in the world they are doing. The games beep at random causing their owner's to get them in a moment's notice in order to attend to their needs as if they were alive. This is because, like babies, Tamagotchi digital pets require nurturing so that they will survive and grow. Lack of attention equates to neglect and neglect leads to game over which means the pet dies.

Herein are a few vintage Tamagotchis that can be found along with others at PurpleToyShop.com while supplies last. These V-Series pets are among the preferred Tamagotchis players and collectors loved the most.

Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat Tamagotchi Music Star

First up is the Tamagotchi Music Star called "Feel the Beat". Feel the Beat is this site owner's favorite Music Star Tamagotchi because it brings to memory a son who taught himself to play drums. He also taught himself how to read drum music while playing in middle school band; and earned Sherman Woody awards for his efforts three years straight. A close look at the picture shows drums in the Feel the Beat Tamagotchi design.

Feel the Beat is a Tamagotchi in a neon green case with white buttons. The case is decorated with blue stars, drumsticks, plus two toned blue and white snare drums. Also included in the package is a yellow charm with a picture of a Tamagotchi playing a guitar and musical notes.

These collector Tamagotchis are available in short guitar packages as well as tall packs that includes 3 charms each and a Tama movie dvd while supplies last. Get more info by clicking on the Tamagotchi Feel the Beat package to the left.

First up is the Natty Nutty Sundae who is not only a scented fashion doll but the birthday version as well. Natty is from the Sundae Pop series. She is from 2009 and comes with a birthday tag for a special girl who loves sweet surprises! Natty also comes with an ice cream sundae purse, lip gloss, and a head band. She is decked out in blue and peachy outfit including blue and red striped leggings. On her feet she sports a pair of short length orange boots with blue bows. Natty's pet, Macy Maple Cream, wears a flowered hat.

As demonstrated by the confetti on her colorful blue box, Natty Nutty Sundae is ready to party. These Sundae Pop dolls make wonderful gifts for birthdays girls. In addition to accessories, Natty's box comes equipped with a Happy Birthday tag as shown in the lefthand image. A polka dotted bow seals the deal to make this a special gift. UPC 035051363743.


Lullaby Tamagotchi Music Star

Tamagotchi Music Star Lullaby is another favorite in the musical collection. She has beautiful pink coloring as well as lots of musical notes on her case.

As with Feel the Beat, Lullaby comes with a yellow guitar pick in the short package which is actually a charm that includes a chain for hanging on backpacks, purses, and so forth. The tall package includes 3 Tamagotchi mini characters, a movie dvd, and a pink guitar pick charm.

Children's eBooks

  • Multi-Racial eBooks

  • Mimi's Stay Outside All Day Day
  • Pepperoni and the Flowers

    Anime Art

  • Art by Mareena

  • Frozen Sherbet Girl

  • Rising Star

    Rising Star Tamagotchi Music Star

    Rising Star is the Tamagotchi that depicts what being a Tama pet lover is all about. As Tamagotchi Music Star lovers know well, the purpose of growing these virtual characters is to raise pets to become rock stars. Then, the music stars can perform their hearts out together as a band.

    Rising Star comes in a beautiful bright casing that is almost watermelon colored. Included with this pop star is a nice two-toned green guitar charm pick with hanging chain.

    Techno Sound

    Techno Sound Tamagotchi Music Star

    Tamagotchi Music Star Techno Sound lets kids know why becoming a pop star virtual pet parent is one of the coolest things ever. With Techno Sound, pet lovers immerse themselves in their virtual headphones and delve into uninterrupted musical play.

    Techno Sound sits in a classic black case that is contrasted with the soft gray head set. The guitar pick is a nice baby blue and the three control buttons are bright white. Techno Sound goes quite well with "Disco Rave", not shown on this page, but may be found at PurpleToyShop.com when in stock. Disco Rave has a case that includes disco balls, hence the name, as well as colorful streamers for a perfect dance hall setting.


    Symphony Tamagotchi Music Star

    G-Clefs adorn this pink and white Tamagotchi Music Star. In addition to the bright pink G-Clef, pink buttons and picture frame enhance this Tamagotchi's case giving this virtual pet an uplifting appearance.

    Pop star Symphony also comes with a yellow guitar charm that can hang from a backpack, bracelet, cellphone or other totable gadgets.

    Mametchi Familitchi

    Mametchi Familitchi Tamagotchi Version 5

    Mametchi Tamagotchi is a version 5 virtual pet from the We are Familitchi Collection. It is a blue Tamagotchi with yellow stripes and red buttons. It also has a red chimney top and comes with a yellow key charm.

    Version V5 Tamagotchi virtual pet from the family series lets players make a family of characters, meet new personalities, and play more games than earlier versions provide.

    Tama Leash Lanyard

    Tamagotchi Lanyard Leashes

    Using Tama leash lanyards to dangle Tamagotchis around their necks allows gamers to carry their pets around in style. Lanyards also makes interacting with the pets convenient and cinchy.

    Tama leashes come in a variety brightly colored cool designs that include Tamagotchi character charms such as Mametchi, Violetchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi. Some of these lanyards are from the Tamagotchi Music Stars collection.

    Deco-Ratcih Gear Kit

    Tamagotchi decorative bling out gear

    Use Tama-decoratchi kits to bling out Tamagotchi pet egg shell cases. Kits include colorful crystal gems for personalization after placing Tamagotchis inside clear reusable shells. The shells are included in Gotchi Gear kits as well.

    Also included in kits are decorative stickers that add additional personalization to Tamagotchi pets. Stickers may be used for other items such as notebooks and papers.


    Tamagotchi Tama-Watchi

    Tama-Watchi is a Tamagotchi Gotchi Gear wristband that features a watch and mini games. Flip this Mametchi's face upward to uncover the watch when telling time and the games when ready to have a little fun.

    No need to take the game from a pocket or backpack, children play games any time right from their wrists. This fact also helps to prevent children from losing their Tamagotchi games.

    In all, there are four watch/game wristbands in this Tamagotchi Gotchi Gear collection.

    Pink Tamagotchi Version 3

    Pink Tamagotchi

    This V4 Tamagotchi has pink background with pink and blue flowery puzzle shaped splotches. It has a large white antenna ball and yellow gaming buttons.

    Version 4 Tamagotchis provide gamers with as many as 20 new games which is quite a few more than earlier versions.

    Original Tamagotchi in Box

    Neon Green Tamagotchi

    This is an original transparent green Tamagotchi with yellow game play buttons from Bandai. It is a collector item that is one of the first Tamagotchi’s ever released and thus it comes in a box rather than on a plastic card. The box dates production in the 1996/1997 era.

    Boxed original Tamagotchis are super hard to find!

    Find these and more collectible Tamagotchi virtual pets, their Tama-Gear, and other accessories at PurpleToyShop.com while supplies last.


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