Star Trek the Next Generation Action Figures

Star Trek the Next Generation Spaceship
Star Trek movie character posable action figures plus accessories from Space the Final Frontier. Some of these figures are vintage 1992 and others 1993 as noted with individual characters. Also, each of these Final Frontier figures comes with a base stand, a collector bio card, is put out by Playmates, and intended for anyone over four years of age. As a bonus, they each have individual numbering for diehard collectors.

All right now...

First up is Ambassador K'Ehleyr

Ambassador K'Ehleyr is half Klingon and half Human. She serves as a Klingon ambassador. Her weapons include a ceremonial sword, life support mask, a spiked glove, and an action base stand. K'Ehleyr sports a two-tone plaid/solid jumpsuit and red shoes. She is from 1993 and her call numbers are 6070/6059 and UPC 043377060598.

As with the other characters in this series, Ambassador K'Ehleyr's package has a black deep space-looking starry background as well as a Star Trek Starfleet space ship on the package top. Fans can cut out the collector cards or hold on to the complete package even if they remove the characters.

Check out more pics posted at or that show different views of all the characters on this page as well as the flip sides of their packages.


Ferengi is a humanoid with extra-sensitive hearing. His accessories include an energy whip, a hand blaster, dilithium crystals, an action base, and a Ferengi rifle. His call numbers are 6010/6052 and UPC 043377060529. He is from 1992.

As you can see from the pic, Ferengi has a bald head and large ears that appear to attach to his unibrow. He wears a gray outfit beneath a one-sided sleeveless shirt with matching boots.

As noted above, Ferengi's packaging depicts deep space as well as the Starfleet and the package back has a bio card plus other Star Trek info pertaining to him and other Final Frontier characters.

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  • Geordi La Forge-Figure 1

    Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge - two figures... One in dress uniform and the other without...

    Geordi La Forge in his dress uniform comes with a desktop viewer, hand phaser, plaque of medals, tricorder and action base. He is from 1993. His call numbers are 6070/6026 with UPC of 0443377060260.

    Geordi La Forge's dress uniform style consists of a long-sleeved coat that drops to his thighs and overhang his black pants. He wears black boots, space-age glasses, and black shoulder covering. A Star Trek pin shines over his chest.

    Moving on to the Geordi La Forge in regular uniform.

    This La Forge action figure dressed in plain clothes comes with a hand phaser, tricorder with holster, bio engineering tools, dilithium crystals, portal computer gear, and Starfleet action base. He is from 1992 and calls numbers are 6010/6015 with UPC of 043377060154.

    Gowron the Klingon

    Gowron is the leader of the Klingon High Council (also referred to as the Klingon High Court). He checks in with his ceremonial war club, a golden Targ (type of pet animal), a pain stick, and a disruptor with a holster, and an action base stand.

    Gowron is from 1992 and his call numbers are 6010/6053 with UPC 043377060536.

    Decked out mostly in silver and black, Gowron sports a touch of red via bands covering his gray pants just above his knees. The black top covering his chest is covered with silver armour. He also sports deep silver bands around his wrists and knee-high boots.

    Klingon Warrior Worf

    Klingon Warrior Worf is a stocky dude from Space, The final Frontier, who comes with an exclusive collector card. His other accessories include a pain stick, a Klingon disruptor, a spiked club, ceremonial robe, and an action base. His vintage year is 1993 and call numbers are 6070/6024. UPC is 043377060246.

    Klingon Warrior Worf wears a long, grey, loosley fit robe. In addition to his long black sleeves and boots, he wears the half-gloves that cover the hands but reveal the fingers and thumbs. This Worf also has a bald head with Klingon markings and wears a goatee.

    As with other figures listed here, this Warrior Worf also comes with a stand and individual collector numbering.

    Lieutenant Worf

    Lieutenant Worf is the Starfleet's Chief Security Officer. He checks in with his hand phaser, bat'telh sword, tricorder with holster, combat blade, and action base stand. His vintage year is 1992 and call numbers are 6010/6013 plus UPC 043377060130.

    Lieutenant Worf is a thin guy who dons black slacks and shoes beneath a gold long-sleeved shirt with black shoulder covering. This is also a Space, The Final Frontier figure. He also comes with collector card and individual numbering.

    Dr. Beverly Crusher

    Last but not least, check out Dr. Beverly Crusher.

    Dr. Crusher is the Chief Medical Officer. She checks in with a portable medical monitor, portable medical kit, medical tricorder, hypospray, and an action base stand. Call numbers for her consist of 6070/6019 and UPC 043377060192. She is from 1993.

    Dr. Crusher's outfit consist of a teal blouse over black pants and boots. Her sporty doctor's cloak is a deep aqua blue. Depicting her stylish dressy style, she also wears a black collar that connects with her pants and boots.

    Don't forget, you can check these Star Trek Figures out, as well as others from these series, here.


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