Smurfs Les Schtroumpfs Figures

Smurfs band players singer and guitar player Blonde hair singing Smurfette and red guitar playing Smurf.

Smurfs characters were created by a Belgian cartoonist named Peyo. These characters became famous on television back in the 1980's. Years later the little blue crew found themselves showing on the big screen at movie theaters.

Smurfs live in a village consisting mostly of male residents. A few females eventually make their way on the scene but are not nearly as prevalent as the males. The females tend to have blonde hair.

Characters shown here are mostly cute little pvc figures that stand roughly two inches tall. In addition to the small characters, however, are a few larger Smurfs made from plush material for squeezable fun and softness.

Jokey Smurf

Jokey Smurf PVC Smurfs Figure

This rendition of Jokey Smurf depicts him in a happy mood as he prepares to present a special Smurfette with flowers and a present. Jokey Smurf's gift presenting helps Smurf lovers give or receive loving fun in genuine Smurfy style.

Jokey Smurf graciously carries a yellow gift wrapped present tied brightly with a red bow in one hand and a beautiful bouquet of red and yellow flowers in the other.

This is a vintage Jokey Smurf from the 1980's that comes new inside his original plastic packaging.

Baker Smurf

Baker Smurf Licking Wooden Spoon

Imagine this baker Smurf is licking a wooden spoon to taste the savory batter from a recipe he's baking for his village cohorts; or pretend his delicious baking is for an entirely different reason. Either way, the long handled dark wooden spoon sparks the imagination for any Smurfs lover.

Perhaps one can assume that baker Smurfs’ favorite thing to do is to bake breads and treats for all the Smurfs in his village. As the village baker, he obviously enjoys seeing smiles spread across fellow Smurf faces as they smell, view, and taste his delicious home prepared meals and treats.

Baker Smurf is a vintage Smurfs character from the 1980’s. He is secure inside and has never been removed from his original plastic packaging. He is dressed in a white baker’s pants and coat outfit. On his head he wears a large white baker’s hat.

Smurfette Mini PVC Character

Smurfette Blonde Hair Smurfs Figurine

Dainty Smurfette girl character sports a white dress, white hat, and white heels. She is virtually queen amongst the army of male Smurfs characters.

This is a mini Smurfette Smurfs figure who had dark hair until Papa Smurf turned it blonde as he tamed her evil character. She was the first girl to live in the Smurfs’ village.

Smurfette, particularly after becoming more pleasant, became a lover of flowers and the color pink. She wears a white dress with circles throughout its fabric, white high heel shoes, a stringy boa, and the traditional Smurfy hat.

Smurfette is a vintage Smurfs character from the 1980’s. As shown here, She is still remains in her original packaging.

Children's eBooks

Story book about children in their neighborhood featuring a girl and her dog.

  • Pepperoni and the Flowers

  • Anime Art

    Anime art drawing of girl with pink hair on mounds of ice-cream sherbet.

    Smurfs Band Players Pack

    Smurfs 4-Piece Band Pack

    Musical Smurfs band characters that enjoy playing their instruments to keep their villagers dancing and singing along.

    The set includes 4 musicians featuring a drummer, a bass guitar player, a pianist, and vocalist. Accessories include piano keyboard, a guitar, and a set of drums plus sticks.

    This set comes in a box that depicts a stage with lighting and can be used during play tom make the band appear more realistic.

    Smurfs Sports Players Pack

    Smurfs 4-Piece Sports Pack

    These athletic Smurfs sports figures enjoy playing baseball, football, soccer, and golf. They keep the villagers on their toes wondering which star athlete will win against their opponents come each challenging day.

    Accessories include a glof club, a baseball player ball and glove, a football, a helmet, and a soccer ball. Also included is a boasting stand where first, second, and third place winners can show off their position and have their photos taken.

    Papa Smurf Mushroom House Science Laboratory

    Papa Smurf Science Lab / Mushroom House

    Smurfs mushroom house that includes a science laboratory for Papa Smurf&emdash;leader of the villagers. This is a two story mushroom house with opening and closing door and windows. Fold the mushroom in half for easy travel capability.

    The image shows Papa Smurf, decked out in a red hat with matching pants and shoes, standing outside mushroom the house. The room on the top right of the house waits for him to write out a magic spell or potion on the blackboard. The laboratory below is ready for mixing and stirring concoctions once Papa Smurf gets the ideas straight in his mind.

    Included accessories are Papa Smurf's podium holding a book of magic spells and a potion bottle.

    Anniversary Smurf Plush Figure & Trophy

    The Smurfs 50th Anniversary Whistling Plush Figure

    This Smurfs character is a large plush blue figure wearing the typical white curved cone hat and white pants over his blue body parts. Squeeze this Smurfs' right hand to hear him whistle.

    This particular plush whistling Smurfs is in celebration to the character's 50-year anniversary extending from 1958 to 2008. A "First Sketch" collectable replica drawing is included in the package. More specifically, the sketch is of "Les Schtroumpfs", which is the original French name for The Smurfs.

    The included Smurfs gold toned figurine stands about 3 inches tall with his arms outstretched as if showing their thrill to bring so much happiness to the world. Also included in the box is a Smurfette DVD. Special box drawings feature the original Smurfs' Belgian cartoonist, Peyo, sketching at his desk.

    Jester The Clown Smurf

    Jester the Smurf in clown suit holding candy stick

    This mini Smurfs figure comes holding a peppermint candy stick. Although the peppermint stick is the white old fashion type with red stripes encircling its length, the treat is flat rather than cylindrical. All the same— Jester loves it!

    Jester Smurf loves spending his time clowning around having fun and bringing laughter to every Smurf in the village. He wears joker clown clothing emphasized by a white ruffled collar around his neck and yellow pompoms on his shoes and shirt.

    Jester Smurf is a vintage Smurfs character from the 1980’s. He is secure inside and has never been removed from his packaging

    Tooth Brushing Smurf

    Smurfs figure brushing his teeth while holding toothpaste.

    This is mini Smurfs figure brushes his pearly whites often because he prides himself on keeping his teeth clean, white, and bright. He comes with a red tube of toothpaste and a tan handled toothbrush. His toothbrush causes toothpaste foam to accumulate as he swipes his teeth with the brush’s bristles.

    This is a vintage Smurf from 1979 that came out prior to the Smurfs' television show or movies. His package has been trimmed from its original size; however, the little blue guy is secure inside and has never been removed.

    As demonstrated in the images, this toothbrushing Smurf makes a bit of a mess as he smears toothpaste foam over his face and dribbles froth from his mouth while cleaning his teeth. The large yellow toothbrush is 3 or 4 times the size of the figure's mouth. What's more is the red tube of toothpaste is more than twice the figure's body length.

    These figures and more are available at and while supplies last.


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