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Princess (Princesa) Quinceanera coming of age dolls displayed here are by Brass Key Keepsakes. These are porcelain dolls; each wearing a crown, elegant gown, long-sleeve gloves, necklace, bracelet and other jewelry. Each also carries a matching bouquet of roses with long ribbon trim.

Princess Quinceanera dolls are Spanish dolls created to depict the transformation girls undergo when growing into young women. They are often gifted to girls by their sixteenth birthday. These hand crafted Brass Key Keepsake porcelain dolls earned the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award Gold Seal in 2007.

These dolls stand about 11 inches tall. A few other noteworthy features include their removable arm length gloves, attached high heels, replica pearl necklaces (on most) with earrings to match, rose bouquets, and brass key bracelets.

These are a few vintage Quinceanera dolls that can be found at while supplies last.

Quinceanera in Red and White Gown

Princess Quinceanera Doll in Red and White Gown

Up next is a porcelain princess dressed in red and white. As beautiful as she is, this porcelain beauty met an unfortunate fate that left her with a small injury across her back and shoulder area. The injuries are shown in full at my website so that anyone who would like to take care of her can see exactly how the repair looks.

Despite her small injury, this Quinceanera still looks delightful in her red and white gown. You can see that the bodice is white and so is the tiered skirt area. A bright red border adorns the top of the bodice as does the same beautiful fabric fall around the white ruffles. Red roses with sequined centers curve half way around the waist area.

This princess carries a bouquet of red roses, wears long white gloves, and shows off matching pear-like necklace with her earrings. Yes... Despite her hairlike mishap, she is still just as beautiful as her sister Quinceanera dolls.

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  • Quincenaera Doll in Pink Gown

    Princess Quinceanera Doll Wearing Soft Pink Gown

    This princess' pink gown has a long flowing ribbon that starts at the bodice top and works its way toward the bottom of the dress. A shiny fabric-formed ribbon centers the bow and flowers are sewn at the ends of the shoulder straps.The upper portion of the bodice is shaped like a heart.

    Throughout the gown sequins, flowers, and delicate hearts along with a lacy bodice sewn-in sash adorn the soft pink material. Pearl-like jewels adorn the Princesa's ears and neck.

    This princess carries a pink and white bouquet of roses and wears arm-length gloves. She looks just as elegant as the wedding gown doll with her crown atop her head and she also has long flowing dark wavy hair.

    Quinceanera Doll in Turquoise Green Gown

    Princess Quinceanera Doll in Turquoise Green Gown

    Next up comes the Princesa in light turquoise green. The gown is a soft delicate shade of green. Lace and sequins adorn the bodice as well as the skirt section. Ribbon streams encircle the gown area near the hem.

    Although this Quinceanera is dressed in turquoise green, she carries a bouquet of pink roses. Her full length gloves are white and she wears pearl-like earrings just like the other dolls do. She looks elegant in her crown as well.

    Quinceanera in Peachy Orange Gown

    Princess Quinceanera Doll Wearing Orange/Peachy Gown

    The peach gown is a soft delicate color and has lace sewn at the bodice as well as around the skirt area. A wide white bowed ribbon wraps around her waist and is adorned with a peachy fabric rose embedded in the bow's center. Sequins with centered gems also adorn the front of the gown.

    This Princesa also wears gloves to her elbows, carries a bouquet of white roses, looks elegant in her crown, and adorns herself in pearl-like earrings with matching necklace.

    Wedding Gown

    Princess Quinceanera Doll Wearing White Wedding Gown

    Wedding gown Princesa steps in showcasing her tiered wedding gown with a very ornate lacy bodice. The gown is soft and elegant and although the picture may not bring them out much, the gown is adorned with sequins from bodice to the bottom of the skirt area. Roses formed with the same delicate fabric as the gown adorn the area just below the bodice and one rose is attached to the princess' silver beaded necklace.

    Wedding gown Princesa's gem-like crown sits quite elegantly atop her head and her long dark hair falls with waves down below her hips. The wedding gown doll carries a bouquet of white roses and wears pearl-like earrings with silver dots.

    Find these and more collectible Princess Quinceanera dolls at while supplies last.


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