Indiana Jones Collectible Action Figures

Indiana Jones movie character posable action figures plus accessories from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. These movies were made famous by Harrison Ford. Later episodes brought in Shia LaBeouf who plays Indiana Jones' son Mutt Williams.

Okay... So this site master's favorite character hero of all time is the beloved Mighty Mouse and his catchy slogan, "Here I come to save the day!" The episodes in which the artist had to finish drawing him on screen before he could save his fellow mice from the claws of the hungry cat brought much anticipation and excitement to the viewers.

Then there was the site master's favorite human hero character of all time—Tarzan the apeman played by Johnny Weissmuller—although after growing up and examining what was going on in his films more carefully, the site master had to admit taking exception to many of the shenanigans associated with the goals to jostle natives, wildlife, and the environment for diamonds. Still, the movies were well made and the idea of a man living with wild animals and flying through the jungle while holding on vines can only captivate one's imagination.

After Tarzan, favorite characters pretty much came and went as far as the site master was concerned until Harrison Ford brought adventurous Indiana Jones to life.

Now... Indiana Jones is like a favorite adventure character of all time; and why wouldn't he be? Harrison Ford is an attractive charismatic man with cute dimples and a great personality. He has superb acting skills and just the right amount of charm to woo female adversarial movie characters while at the same time drawing them in with his flirtatious masculinity. Its' no wonder these traits made him a great pick for becoming Indiana Jones.

Harrison Ford certainly did a wonderful job at helping the Indiana Jones series meet with great success from the pilot movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Afterwards the hits just kept on coming with "Temple of Doom", "The Last Crusade", and "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".

One of the things best about the Indy Jones series was when Disneyland decided to approve the adventures for a theme park ride. From the moment park goers set eyes on the Indy jeep at Disneyland, many knew they had to be the driver; and after the ride, were certain Indiana Jones had earned a special place in their hearts for thrill seeking ride adventures.

Snatching up a few Indiana Jones toy action figures from the store when the site owner saw them was an effortless no brainer that only held regrets of not happening upon them sooner. Spying the action figures at an earlier date would have allowed for purchasing more of these babies before their numbers had become so drastically reduced.

With that said, however, many buyers have been pleased to find the few figures the webmaster sold on eBay as well as websites affiliated with this site. The supply has drastically lessened, of course, but the few remaining figures showcased here are available while supplies last.

The characters listed here come in red, yellow, and brown packages with cardboard backing and clear plastic fronts. Unless otherwise noted, these Indiana Jones figures stand approximately four inches.

All right now...

Bringing him on...

Indiana Jones

First up is the Indy movie character on the left from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This title is often shortened to KCS. You can enlarge the image by clicking it. Indiana Jones comes with weapons that include a bazooka, a knife, and a whip. Also included is a crate with a secret relic hidden inside. [Hmmm—Wonder what that secret relic can do.]

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  • Mutt Williams-1 with Sword

    This Mutt Williams figure is also from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Mutt checks in with a black leather jacket worn over a t-shirt, jeans, and boots. He proudly displays a sword—his weapon of choice. His package also includes a crate with a hidden relic.

    Mutt Williams-2 with Snake

    Then comes... Another Mutt Williams! This one flaunts a knife and fights off a snake; and a good thing too because Mutt's dad, Indiana Jones, deplores snakes!

    Irina Spalko

    Fans truly appreciate the appearance of Irina Spalko in Kingdom of The Crystal Skull because inclusion of women in major roles almost always scores high points from adventurous enthusiasts. When actresses do their characters justice, they freely impose well deserved accolades and Cate Blanchett the actress who played Irina Spalko totally deserves to be commended.

    Irina Spalko sports a grey outfit accessorized with black gloves, black boots, and a black belt. She also yields her favorite weapon, a rapier sword, and a pistol comes in the package as well. Like the other Kingdom of Crystal Skull characters, Spalko comes packaged with a hidden relic inside of a crate.

    Ucha Warrior

    This toy figure checks in with a fully tattooed upper body, high ponytail Mohawk hair cut, a rope, an axe, and a secret relic.

    Russian Soldier

    This Russian Soldier figure is also from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He checks in with his Russian soldier uniform—of course—a machine gun bearing a knife at its tip, and a secret relic box.

    Although the Russian Soldier is from KCS, the German Soldier that follows is from Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is often shortened to RLA.

    German Soldier

    German Soldier checks in wearing his military attire that includes a tanish gray colored jacket over matching pants, a hat, and boots. He comes with a machine gun, extra artillary, and a crate with a secret relic.

    Cairo Swordsman

    Cairo Swordsman is another Raiders of the Lost Ark figures. He is dressed in warb with a red sash. The Cairo Swordsman is equipped with a shiny curvaceous sword and comes with a secret relic.


    Raiders of the Lost Ark also brought the character Sallah to life.
    Sallah checks in with a tan dress belted with a brown tunic at the waist. He wears long sleeves, a vest, and a turban around his head. His weapon of choice, as well as a shovel. Like the other characters in these figure series, Sallah comes with a secret message.

    René Belloq

    In the Raiders of the Lost Ark, René Belloq performed a ritual that released evil spirits and ultimately influenced his fate. His figurine comes to us decked out in a long sleeved dress that consists of a creamed colored bottom layer and a brown checked top layer. A striped sash wraps around his waist and ties down the front of the outfit. He also wears brown shoes, a turban, and a jeweled placard across his chest. In addition, he carries a decorative staff and comes with a secret relic.

    Get these figures here while supplies last.


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