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Although many may view meal time as serious occasions during which children must eventually learn to sit still, feed themselves, and eat their vegetables; others see it as a time to connect and to have fun with kids. Teaching toddlers to eat by themselves and serving their meals from colorful, fun-looking, dishes is a great way to enhance the learning experience.

Colorful character dishes entice children to pay attention to their placement at the table and the food the dishes contain. Children also feel special when they have their very own dishes from which to eat. Dish sets that include utensils which coordinate with the plates, bowls, and cups make eating at the table all the more fun.

Precious Moments

These vintage hard to find Precious Moments dish sets each come with a sectional plate, a bowl, a fork, and a spoon. The plates and bowls have like designs and the utensil handles have matching designs as well. The sets are gender oriented in pink and blue. The pink sets have designs that include a girl and her goose. The blue sets come with designs that depict a boy and his telescope. Each set is made from durable plastic and is dishwasher safe on the top shelf. These dish sets are designed to promote self feeding.

Goose Girl

Precious Moments Goose Girl Dish Set

The site owner calls this set Goose Girl because the sweet blonde haired little girl and her goose are looking one another in the eye showing that the bird obviously loves her human companion.

The girl wears a beautiful aproned dress, holds a flower behind her back, and is surrounded by butterflies. Flowers and hearts adorn the pink rim of the bowl as well as the plate.

The girl with her goose, in addition to flowers, are also on the handles of the spoon and the fork.

The dimensions of this dish set, in approximations, are 8 and 1/2 inches in diameter for the plate, 6 and 1/2 inches in diameter for the bowl, and just over 5 inches for the fork and the spoon.

Telescope Boy

Precious Moments Telescope Boy Dish Set

This dish set, Telescope Boy, has baby blue coloring around the rims of the of the bowl and the three sectional plate. The dish and utensil dimensions are the same as the Goose Girl set above.

The little boy gazes through his telescope from atop a fruit basket such as one would use to collect apples or oranges or peaches in an orchard. He wears a blue sailor outfit and a white cap. His dish rims are filled with stars and clouds. Also, the spoon and fork depict the boy blowing gazing through his telescope.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine Three Piece Dish Set

Thomas and Friends is a three-piece set that includes a plate, a cup, and a bowl. Thomas characters, along with scenes from the great television series, embellish each place setting.

Children's eBooks

Story book about children in their neighborhood featuring a girl and her dog.

  • Pepperoni and the Flowers
  • Anime Art

    Anime art drawing of girl with pink hair on mounds of ice-cream sherbet.


    Superman 4-Piece Dinnerware

    This vintage Superman dish set was put out by Zak! Included in this 4-piece feeding set are plate, bowl, fork, and spoon. Each piece has designs depicting Superman flexing his muscles, clenching his fists, and spreading his red cape.

    Bright colorful dinnerware on the surfaces as well as the rims make eating fun. The set is constructed from durable melamine plastic and is dishwasher safe.

    These colorful dinnerware pieces come complete in a Superman carrying case with an easy carry strap.

    NASCAR Bowl, Fork, Spoon Set

    NASCAR Feeding Set for Kids
    It's off to the races with this colorful NASCAR stock car three piece dish set that comes complete with bowl, fork, and spoon. Major colors of red white and blue set off the design that includes a Tide sponsor race car, racing flags, and the NASCAR logo. Spoon and fork handles are complete with matching NASCAR coloring and design as well.

    Children enjoy eating with this set including the ability to lift the bowl using the flap handles on either side of the rim. The utensil handles feel sleek and smooth to touch and are just the right size for little toddler hands. The bowl is made from melamine plastic and is dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

    NASCAR activity books are available with this set while supplies last when ordered from or to further enhance the racing fun!

    Princess Snack Trays for Kids

    Disney Princess Trays

    Princess trays for snacks and other uses make separating food, treats, or any sortable goods easy using the multiple sections provide on each tray. These trays are great for meals, snacks, crafts and more.

    Sample uses of these trays include separating chips from dip while watching television. Add a bit of popcorn and candy to whichever section you choose. Divide objects such as string, beads, and gems when making crafts.

    The background of this six-sectional tray has a soft pink and white swirly design. The construction is durable long-lasting heavy-weight plastic that includes cup and utensil holder sections. Each section contains a different design.

    The trays feel smooth to the touch and are sturdy to promote years of use.

    Mickey & Minnie Mouse Trays for Kids

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Snack Trays

    These Mickey Mouse trays feature Minnie, Pluto during the Christmas holiday season. Use for meals, snacks, crafts and more to enhance Christmas season celebrations.

    The tray's background is colored in bright red and the design includes Christmas holly. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto make holiday cheer with Christmas presents, wreaths, and bells.

    Each section of the tray contains a different design. The construction is durable long-lasting heavy-weight plastic. Includes round cup holder section plus long utensil holder section.

    These Mickey Mouse trays feel smooth and sturdy to touch and dazzle the eyes to look at.

    Winnie the Pooh Holiday Trays

    Winnie the Pooh Bear Sectional Trays

    Winnie the Pooh holiday snack trays easily enhance holiday cheer when used for meals, snacks, crafts and more. They also make great gifts for children.

    Utilize these Pooh Bear trays during meal time for plenty of dining fun; or use while watching television to make laying on a rug or carpet more exciting. Snack time use can afford special servings of snacks like popcorn, candy, or even dried cereal. Trays also come in handy when dividing small objects such as beads and gems while creating crafts.

    Tray backgrounds present clear blue skies adorned with snowflakes and twinkling stars. Construction is durable long-lasting heavy-weight plastic. Includes round cup holder section plus long utensil holder section.

    These Winnie the Pooh Bear trays feel smooth as well as sturdy to touch and dazzle the eyes to look at. Each section of the tray contains a different design.

    Children's dish sets and trays depicted herein are a few vintage character dish sets for kids that can be found at while supplies last.


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