Looking for hard to find toys and miscellaneous gifts?

Here you will find toys and gifts that are hard to find because manufacturers do not make them anymore or they simply sell out quickly when reaching retailers.

Hard to find and collectible toys and gifts found here will eventually include items such as dolls, kids' dishes, soldiers and other doll action figures for boys, Pokemon, Tamagotchi, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Cheri Blum, and other rare toys. These collectibles will be added to this site sporadically.

Keep up with new additions by checking back regularly to see what gets posted. The best ways to do that are to bookmark this page and follow @FindingToys on Twitter.

Children's eBooks

  • Multi-Racial eBooks

  • Mimi's Stay Outside All Day Day
  • Pepperoni and the Flowers

  • Reasons to Buy Hard to Find Toys

    Also referred to as "vintage", hard to find toys and gifts are fun to collect and share with family members or friends.

    This site carries a variety of collectibles but tends to lean toward dolls and action figures.

    In addition to self enjoyment, collectible toys and gifts can be handed down to younger siblings or other family members.

    A great way to keep collectibles in pristine condition is to display them in original packaging or special cases in order to keep dust and fingerprints at bay.

    !! A U C T I O N S !!

    Goods listed at this site may randomly be put up for auction at ToysPlusAuctions.

    Anime Art

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    People have been collecting toys, especially dolls and cars, probably since the first were ever hand-crafted from wood or cloth. Collecting toys is not limited to child behavior by any stretch of the imagination. Adults collect toys and dolls most likely more than children. This is due to the fact that adults are positioned to pay for their collections themselves. They are also able to shop for their items without awaiting or asking for escorts to shopping centers or online enterprises.